Testing Service

Mold Testing


 If you suspect a substance in your home is mold, Access HI can can sample the substance with  a tape lift or swab sample and perform lab testing to verify and identify the substance.  If you suspect mold or allergens in the air, AccessHI can perform canister air sampling and lab testing to verify and identify the airborne particles. 

Radon Testing


 Radon is a radioactive gas. This gas percolates up through the soil and, when released into the air, dissipates quickly. But radon that seeps into a home gets trapped and can collect to high levels. Access HI performs a 48 radon air test to determine weather the radon levels in your home require remediation. 

Water/Well Testing


 If you have well water testing every few years is recommended and Access HI has you covered.  Based upon the FHA & VA minimum panel for drinking water contaminants. Accordingly, your drinking water samples will be analyzed for Total Coliform, E. coli, Lead, Nitrate, Nitrite, and Turbidity plus Iron, Manganese, and pH.  

Septic System Testing


 Septic systems can become clogged, field tiles can break, tank can become over filled.  Access HI can perform dye testing, pressure testing and sludge evaluation to determine if your system is functioning safely and what type of maintenance is required. 

Asbestos Testing


 If materials made of asbestos or lead are suspected in your home, Access HI can provide sampling and lab testing services to determine if these potentially dangerous substances are present. 


Please call or email with any questions on testing or other services.

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